Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pasadena Marathon Expo

I have good memories of last year's Pasadena Expo. To the eyes of a young runner, it was big impressive and exciting. That day was also pinched with apprehension about the rain forecast for race day (downpour). I also had my car serviced and was left to wander Colorado Blvd until the Toyota people picked me up. So it was a bit of an adventure. I don't get out to Pasadena very often, and when I do, it's like a little treat. So this year, I was looking forward to attending again, but this time as a marathon participant and not the 5K.

The Pasadena Expo was OK but now having attended a couple of other large expos, the experience wasn't as novel as that first time. My main goal was to obtain all that I needed, do a quick sweep of the booths (including finding the LA Marathon booth and sharing my worry of the whole shuttle situation) and leave. A stop at Sephora in the lovely open air mall across the street would also be included.

So I picked up my bib, t-shirt, bag and toured the booths. I wasn't in the market to buy any gear but it's always fun to look. I did stop at the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation Cinco de Mayo Half-Marathon booth. I have been following them on twitter and thought that if they had a nice expo discount I would register for the half - So I did. Same day as OC Marathon and same general area, I will be running the Cinco de Mayo Half-Marathon on May 2. I'm told mariachis will be at the starting line!

It took a while to navigate through the maze of booths, but I finally found the LA Marathon table. I had scheduled for the 5:30am shuttle to get from Santa Monica to the starting line at Dodger's Stadium and after doing that worried that an earlier shuttle would probably be safer given that this is an experiment of sorts. She assured me not to worry. Nevertheless, I emailed the LA Marathon folks and they moved me to the 5:00am shuttle. Which works out since the Leggers are meeting at 4:30am for a royal Legger send off.

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