Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Coming Back

I took about a 5 week all-inclusive running and exercise break after San Diego Rock N' Roll Marathon. It was great. I wish I had sent a postcard because I really enjoyed it! But now I'm back to some running. And you know, that's pretty good too. I have some discomfort in my knees, so I'm trying to stretch more often and do knee strength training exercises. I ran 7.5 miles this past weekend and plan for 10 miles on Saturday.

I think I am falling out of love with my Asics Kayanos. I had loved the Kayano 15 when it first came out, but I am convinced the newer version of the 15 is different than the initial product. It is definitely the shoe, and not me. Thanks to LA Marathon sponsorship marketing, fantasies of KSwiss running shoes are in my head. I'll have to wait next month and enter the running shoe dating pool again. Wish me luck!

The new LA Legger season opens next month. Don't run by yourself, run in a group! Join here:

Happy running!

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