Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Santa Monica 5000 5K

I participated in the Lexus Santa Monica 5000 this past Sunday. The last time I did a 5K was so long ago I don’t even remember – maybe two years. Now that I think of it, I think my last 5K was the UCLA Bruin Run 5K spring 2009. It was a great morning to be outside – overcast and cool. The course is similar to the Santa Monica Classic starting near Main Street by Oceanpark and making its way to Ocean Blvd, and then looping back for a total of 5K to the Pier. I was still having some discomfort, so I both ran and walked. It felt good to do a race again. There were a lot of elites at this race too. Thanks to Valentino and his son Antonio for coming out, and congratulations to Antonio on his first 5K! We had pancakes after. The line wasn’t nearly as long as the one for the Say No to Drugs Race. The only downside was the 30 minute walk back to my car. But really who can complain with such weather and ambiance?

Thanks to anyone who has donated in support of my races to the John Wayne Cancer Institute. The Santa Monica 5000 helped benefit Saint John’s Health Center which is John Wayne’s umbrella organization. Please consider a donation to my site at before I stop accepting donations later this year.
Thanks and happy racing!

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