Monday, March 29, 2010

LA Leggers Celebration Party

I attended the LA Leggers celebration party on Saturday at the Moutaingate country club. We leggers sure clean up nice! After only seeing each other in workout gear, while sweating and complaining, it was as if our better more appearance-conscious selves came out to party. I missed the cocktail reception but made it for everything else, INCLUDING, winning a raffle for some goodies at YAS. I was amazed by Legger extraordinaire Shannon who had OODLES of awesome fitness-related raffle prizes as well as non-fitness related gems like a stay at the Doubletree Santa Monica and teeth whitening!

Hope to get back running soon for some fun runs. And can't wait for next season's leggers to start again. In the meantime, I'll enjoy going out on a Friday night or two without worrying about getting up the next morning!

Also great to see other Leggers Vera and Jacob who were able to get me dancing for a few songs towards the end of the night. They are hoping to get permits to climb Mt. Whitney later in the summer and show off some more of their mad fitness skills. I told them I'd pass on the hike. That's too crazy for me!

Happy running.

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