Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Victory for Victims 5k/10k Race Report

Sunday was my third year participating in the Center for Assault and Treatment Services (CATS) Victory for Victim 5k/10k in Balboa Park. I even had a team! Here we are:

At the start line, Julio insisted we recruit a few other people so that our team looked bigger than it actually was. These three gals – one of whom was a Pasadena Pacer – were cool enough to pose as Team Naz members:

The weather was beautiful. The crowd felt smaller than last year, but the atmosphere at this community race is always great. It attracts a lot of dedicated runners and running group members. Before the race started, we were approached by an older gentleman who asked “So who ran the Agoura Half-Marathon 6 days after the LA Marathon?” The answer? He did! It’s fun when runners brag about these things to each other. I was about to tell him that I ran the Safari Park Half-Marathon the weekend before, but he had me beat.

The course was nice. I ran into Legger Ellen who is on her way to the Boston Marathon. Julio, Susan, Sanjeev and I finished within a few minutes of each other. Great Team! After, we had multiple servings of the free rice bowls provided by the Los Torros Mexican Food booth.

Happy Running!

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