Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Running Season Back in Session!

The L.A. Leggers 2011-2012 season is almost upon us!

For me, it feels like the season never ended since I've been involved with the Board since April and have been in touch with Legger friends.

This Saturday will be the first of two orientations for new members, although returning members are welcome to join in on the new season fun. The first ever Leggers Expo will take place with our sponsors. All new Leggers should come at 7:00 AM for the timed-mile to determine what pace group best meets your needs.

When I first did the timed-mile three years ago, I ran a 9:40 mile/minute (Of course I sprinted toward the end, which you are not supposed to do). If you add about 1-1:30 minutes that that time, it gives you an estimate of what your marathon pace should be. At the time, I was doing a lot of short races, so I thought I could handle a 10 minute/mile for the marathon. Boy, was I wrong!

Register at www.laleggers.org today. The next orientation will be August 13th.

Happy group running!

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