Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Running Around and Feeling Groovy

Last night I reviewed my running log from Paris and was quite happy I managed to complete at least 10 runs there. This is significant since I am returning to the sport from injury and a two month absence. My time in Paris was a return to running, and I’m excited to have a detailed training schedule to get me from here to New York in November.

I completed my first post-Paris run last night- a full week since my last run. I went to my old Brentwood area with 5 miles in mind.

On the plane I had read a detailed article about the benefits of dynamic versus static stretching before a run, so I decided to try it out. I had also learned this lesson from my 15 year old cousin Cyrus who runs track. He even insisted on first doing his dynamic stretches at 10:30pm one night before we walked over to the Trocadero to watch the fireworks on Bastille Day.

I was a little anxious of doing dynamic stretches in public. I don’t normally see people doing a carioca warm-up down a sidewalk. But I felt good so decided to do it anyway. I jogged a little and then did a series of "Toy Soldiers" (walking with knees straight), Knee knicks, butt kicks, walking lunges, and "Hackey Sacks". After five minutes of these, I took off.
My run was very pleasant. My Garmin watch was all over the place (yeah, right, 7:00 minute/ mile?) but the out of whack fast time felt like a reflection of how I was feeling - pretty groovy. I started my adult running around Brentwood, and it felt really good coming back. I love running just before dusk, especially in this heat. My favorite part is when all the water sprinklers start working along Montana. I managed to clock in my 5 miles and felt pretty good about it.

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The LA Leggers season is starting up soon! Sign up today here.
Happy running!

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