Saturday, June 5, 2010

San Diego Rock N' Roll Marathon - Saturday at the Expo

I drove out to San Diego Saturday with my cousin in tow and headed straight for the expo to pick up my Rock N' Roll bib, timing chip, and various paraphenalia. This part is always very exciting. There were alot of people - full, half-marathon, and relay runners - all - I had heard that about 30,000 people were registered. My last marathon was nearly 4 months ago, so I was anxious a few days before, but now that I was at the expo, I was starting to feel good. The expo was nice. The goodie bag wasn't anything too special except for the tiny bottles of olive oil and vinegar that proved to be the best marathon swag. I love this sponsor partnership. The oil/vinegar mix complimented the artichokes that my aunt made and we brought with us. Yay!

Another highlight of the expo was taking a photo with a running elvi! (Pictures soon to follow!) There were many products represented, although I did not see that many races there. Disneyland Half-Marathon had a booth even though they are already sold out. Some more race booths would have been nice if they were giving out discounts.

So, I missed the amazing line-up of runners speaking at the expo. Ryan Hall, Dean Karnazes, the Gouchers, Meb and more were speaking in San Diego. Supposedly, SD is where alot of them are training during the summer.

After the expo, we checked into our hotel (chosen because of other LA Leggers staying there), and we carbo loaded at Cheescake Factory that night. I took the carboloading seriously, and opted for pizza. Hmm...maybe that was the cause of my indigestation the first 5 or so miles of the race?

The weather expo day was overcast and perfect. Saturday would have been a perfect running day - But as it is, we ran on Sunday, when the heat and sun began descending early, around 8:30am. More on that soon!

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