Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Downhill Running

Today's lunchtime run around campus focused on hill training and exercising my mental stamina for the Big Sur Marathon and the scary bunch of inclines and hills throughout an otherwise scenic course. The uphills around UCLA offer some practice. And for that matter, so do the downhills…

Running downhill is not something I enjoy. It’s fun for the first two seconds, sure, but then it’s not. The problem is that downhill running pretends to be this carefree, easy, relaxed activity, when it can cause you to lose your form, get injured (hard pounding), and my problem – get bored. There’s a sort of monotony to it that really gets me antsy. The leg muscles used downhill are different too – and the soreness is more palatable.

Firecracker 10K next month will be good practice with its intense inclines and declines. I’m promised Dim Sum with the Legger gang at the end of it all. Hmm… Downhill to Dim Sum? I think I can manage that.

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