Monday, January 24, 2011

Ups and Downs

So 22 miles wasn't so bad two weeks ago. So why is 11 miles suddenly a challenge? Well that's how it goes. We ran 11 miles this Saturday. The weather was weird. In my head it was warm, but outside it was actually a bit chilly. Even Glenn didn't take off his shirt (as someone had remarked). I hung out in the back of the pack since I wanted to work on some speed, and due to the caterpillar effects of the running group, the back gets a lot of play. The front-runner may run at a steady 11 mi/hour pace, but because of the run/walk intervals and other issues of humans moving, the back-runner maintains a 10:30 mi/hr. Just believe me. Maybe it's because I only ran once during the week prior or did a half-marathon too, but I was drained after those 11 miles. But sometimes it's good to go fast - and one hard run may peceed an easier run. That's just how running - and life - works.

It was good catching up with group members who are usually in the back. You learn a lot about people by running with them. Can't wait what stories we have to share for next week's 24. On that note, please bring some good ones.

Happy running!

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