Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My New Favorite Running Tool

I love my new Ultimate Direction Fastdraw Plus Water Bottle. My previous struggles with heavy fuel belts are over. For long runs, I used to pack up my fuel belt like I was going on a mini-vacation. The four water bottles were too heavy, and often my whole belt would come undone and fall off.

I started considering other options. I don't like the idea of something strapped to my back, so I looked to hand held bottles. This never appealed to me. I like having my hands free – As it turns out I like to run with a thumbs-up gesture, something I didn't even realize until I saw myself doing it in all my running pictures. But I was willing to try something new.

I went to the folks at Feet Fleet Encino, and a friendly salesclerk referred me to the popular model pictured. She said it was the most popular.

I took my new toy out for a test drive for our 16 mile rain run. The beauty of the bottle is that there is no grasping involved – By tightening the hand-strap, it fits snug in your palm. It takes a little getting used to, but I love it! I don't even mind the extra weight from the water - it's like a bonus bicep curl with every step. I also like it because if you notice, those fast fit long distance runner guys never have fuel belts – they always run with these bottles – So naturally now I think I’m a fast fit long distance runner guy - if only in my head.

That being said, I still carry my fuel belt for electrolyte drinks on long runs, but I won’t need to carry as many now.

Go buy it!

Happy Running!

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