Friday, February 4, 2011

24.5 miles and I need some new shoes…

So Saturday was our extra-long training run with an extra-groovy route through Brentwood, back to the beach, and along our usual route down Venice and Marina del Rey. There was a 5k/10k at Dockweiller Beach, so both Leggers and Roadrunners changed their route accordingly. Ever since the 13.1 Marathon race, my KSwiss shoes have been feeling worn out, but there was really no time to buy new kicks before Saturday. I expected a bit of pain here and there.

Legger mentors John and Rene ran the first 12 miles and then, sadly (because they're such great company), turned around and left me in charge. Rene will be running the full Surf City this weekend and John - the half. At this point, I was informed that I needed to take the group out a little further since we turned around early in Brentwood, but we ended up running an extra 0.5 miles. Let me tell you, when you run as much as 24 miles, you can really feel that extra 0.5! My knee was bothering me around mile 16 onward, but I persisted – the group started to get smaller and smaller, but a strong solid few kept a strong pace – stronger than me – and I finished a few steps behind. I’m happy to know that my main problem was knee pain – mental motivation was the same as always – and there was no other issues that hindered me otherwise.

After the run, I was completely wiped out and my appetite was on the fritz for a good 24 hours. I haven’t run or done anything at all this week -- and I feel OK about it. Need some time to mend.

I have decided that 22 is the MAX I will run from now on for a training run – I’ll probably do 16-18 in a couple weeks when our training calendar calls for 26. 26? Hmmm...I don't think so.

So as far as my KSWISS Konejo's go – like a new love affair, they were good for a short while – but the thrill is gone. Feel Fleet doesn’t even carry the brand anymore. I was told that the ASICS Kayano’s have come out with a 17 model – much better than the awful disappointing 16’s. New love affairs are novel and fun, but the trusty mainstays are here forever.

Happy running to those out there this weekend – I’ll see you next week!

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