Friday, June 24, 2011

Springtime Recap on My Runner's Almanac

Since I haven't posted anything in two months, I am going to summarize some of the key related events that have transpired since May.

First, I attended the Pasadena Marathon in an official capacity as an L.A. Leggers representative, complete with L.A. Leggers big blue canopy, snacks, blue bedazzled hats, and plenty of cheer and high-fiving enthusiasm. The incredible Rosa (also a board member), her amazing husband Floyd, and two volunteers and I handed out support, chips, candy, and Band-Aids at the 18 mile (marathon) 10 mile (half) marker. Lots of Leggers were out, and I was lucky enough to see Lan Bui - my friend who I met at last year's race when we walked to the start line together from the parking lot. Lan completed the Palos Verdes Marathon just the day before, and she along with some other ultra runners, were the debut class to complete the Palos-Dena Challenge. Rosa was at Palos Verdes yesterday and recognized several people.

I really love the Pasadena Marathon. Sure, it was hard last year, but witnessing it from the day's vantage point as a volunteer, everyone seemed to enjoy it, and the coziness of this small race offeres all the hometown warm feelings that a larger race can't provide. Rosa and I were so entranced, we said we would run Pasadena next year. Actually, she said we would do the Palos-Dena Challenge, and I told her she could do that one on her own!

Another running related activity has been my involvement with the L.A. Leggers board. I remember last year, when the season ended, and it felt like forever before it was August and we were ready to start training again. Being on the board erases that - since we meet regularly either for monthly board meetings, committee meetings, or mandatory early morning senior center desk duties. I have enjoyed being on the board so far, and encourage everyone to join when the season starts July 23 with our first of two orientations. Stay tuned for membership info on our soon to be new website at

Early June, I participated in a very long walk, or rather a big stroll, with Legger John Flynn, his father-in-law, and a host of other good-natured people as we walked about 16 miles along the entire length of Santa Monica Blvd. Stops included the Hollywood Forever Cemetary (where a stranger introduced me to astrology via playing cards - I'm a 7 of clubs), theater row, the Slut Walk, and part of route 66 where deciphered all of the 66 related lamp post ornamentals. I received my first black toe from this endeavor, and learned that if you walk in L.A., and have a swagger that only comes from walking 10+ miles, then you make friends with the local homeless. We were offered discounted bus tickets.

I haven't been running much since the L.A. Marathon because of injury, but I did join a gym and have been attending regularly. I'll be off to Paris next week, and hope to run in the Bois de Bulogne as often as I can. Stay tuned!

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