Monday, July 4, 2011

Running in Paris

In Paris, I have started running again. There is still knee pain, but the Bois du Bologne forest is so enjoyable, that I put that on the back burner.

The weather so far is beautiful – not like the last time I was here when I ran in the cold and snow, keeping a cautious eye on the ground under my feet so that I didn’t slip on any hard icy patches. Paris is actually a big running town. I see them all over the place, in the bois, on the street, complete in skin tight running clothes and fuel belts. There are more men than women runners – and everyone looks pretty fit. At Decathlon, the French sporting goods store, I took a stroll through the running section. There are different brands here, but a lot of the same. I notice that the French fuel belts are a lot cheaper than the American ones.
My sights are set on the New York Marathon, and I hope to come to Paris next year in April for the Paris Marathon.
For now, I will slowly increase my mileage to only 6 miles, practice my strength training exercises, and hope to heal my knee. It would help if I lost a few pounds, after not running regularly for several months, I have come to appreciate how the sport helps in weight maintenance.

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