Thursday, September 1, 2011

The inflexible Runner

I used to be relatively flexible. In yoga, I could lie on my back and catapult my legs so far behind me that they would touch the ground over my heard. I would do the "happy baby" pose - grabbing my feet and rocking on the floor - a sort of massage for the spine. Well since I started running, and perhaps not doing yoga as frequently, these moves are now more difficult. I am less flexible. Poses that used to be easy, are now hard. I can't throw my legs as far back anymore, and happy baby tends to send a painful stiff feeling down my back. Pigeon pose, which is said to be a great stretch for runners, is also more difficult now.

Through running, I have gained a lot. But one thing I have lost is my flexibility. Runners just aren't the most flexible people. But as long as I keep stretching what I can, I hope to find a nice balance. I may not have a happy baby, but at least I'll have a happy medium.

happy running!

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