Thursday, September 22, 2011

Running is Group Running

My first group run of the season was last Saturday. Running with a group is so much fun, and it makes the effort so much less noticeable. Because of my injuries (which I am starting to discover the root of - including hip imbalance), I am slowing down my group pace and am running with the 13.5's. They have some interesting tactics. For example, this weekend, they will run every odd mile as a mile repeat. I am a little anxious about that, but considering the group head mentor, I know I am in good hands!

Other than that, the Long Beach Half-Marathon is coming up, and after watching a video that will be featured in a future Leggers newsletter (courtesy of John Flynn), I am tempted to register. If I don't, I will plan on going out to support the crowd as a spectator. If you have never watched a half-marathon or marathon before, do it. After finished the 5K at the L.A. Marathon in 2008, I planted myself next to some nice people in front of the L.A. Coliseum and watched the marathon. It was so exciting – I ran it the following year.

Oh, I have been reading "Run for Life", the book our group has selected to distribute to. When I first got it last year, I didn't find it as easy to read as those by Jeff Galloway (which I love) or Frank Shorter’s. The book doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles in terms of how it looks. But I tried again last night, and once you get past the lack of advanced publishing, it isn't a bad book. It is from a casual runner's perspective, not an elite’s. It actually got me to seriously consider running barefoot for a couple of miles to see how it affects my form - or maybe get a pair of those Vibrom 5-fingers.

Planning on 12 miles this Saturday. See you there!

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