Thursday, September 29, 2011

Running with Injuries

My 12 mile run last weekend was successful overall. I started off with the 13.5 pace group and had my first taste at 1:1 intervals. It's funny - before you know it, there's a walk break. They also incorporated mile repeats every even mile. I even didn't mind the first mile repeat. It was the second one, around mile 4, that started creating pain in my knee.

So I peeled off from the group. I applied a sample of BioFreeze which I had carried with me. BioFreeze is a cooling agent with Menthol popular for those with an active lifestyle (supposedly Chaz Bono is using it because of his dancing injury). I had taken two Alleve at the start of the day and that eventually kicked in. I did some quick dynamic stretches, and ran the way back along Speedway, and then the Venice Boardwalk, on my own.

I kept the 1:1 intervals on my watch, but ran at a 2:1. I discovered I like having my watch go off every minute. It's a nice reminder without looking at my wrist constantly.

My run went pretty well until around mile 10. I passed the walkers on the Santa Monica stairs, and ran through the snazzy Santa Monica residential streets before heading back. It was on my way back to the Senior Center (possibly because of slight decline), that I was having pain, this time in my other knee.

All in all, I was happy with the run. I came home and had an ice bath. Note to self: Need to buy twice the amount of ice next time.

I've been very cognizant of my form. In a lot of running tomes and magazines (even Shape this month), there is a big push against heel-striking. I don't think I was ever much of a heel striker, and since my stride is already pretty short, I don't think this is a big problem. But I do advise runners to notice their form when they run. Even the arm swing - back and forth, not side to side, and not too high. In race photos, I occasionally see my hands a little to high, giving myself the thumbs up (not sure why I do this!)

I also went to the Sports MD and got the official diagnosis of runner's knee. No tears to the miniscus or ligaments, thank Goodness. Back to physical therapy.

Reducing mileage for the long run this weekend.

Happy running!

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