Saturday, October 8, 2011

14 miles

The weekend's 14 miler went pretty well. The only thing - it's still dark at 6:30 a.m. I planned on wearing my prescription sunglasses the whole time (didn't wear contacts), so I had to bring my regular glasses and store the sunglasses somewhere in the back of my pants. During these long runs, I become a long-distance traveler and have to hide things all over the place. A baggie of pretzels, water, Gatorade - things tend to fall off.

I started with the 13:30 min/mile pace group running 2:1 intervals. I need to run on a pretty flat surface or my runner's knee flares up - so no uphills or downhills (however gradual). Our route was pretty good - I kept with the group for their entire 10 miles, then went on my own for 4.

Before the run, I took a couple of Aleve. I like Aleve but its use (Naproxen) isn't recommended during marathons because of its potential harmful effects on kidneys and salt retention. It's too bad since I prefer it to Tylenol, but I'll manage.

After a Leggers board meeting, I went to Ralphs and picked up a couple bags of ice for an ice bath. I have, surprisingly, gotten very good and staying in an ice bath. I can manage for about 10+ minutes. Reading material helps.

Happy training!

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