Sunday, October 16, 2011

12 miles with a new running buddy

I met Legger Adriana (first time meeting) around 5:30 a.m. on Saturday for a 13 miler. I had to be back at home base at 8:30, so I worked my way backwards and 5:30 was the earliest I could conceive starting, so that would yield about 13 miles.

We started a little late, but it was still dark outside, and continued to stay dark for about 45 minutes, when the sun came up. The weather was surprisingly un-chilly for an early morning in Santa Monica.

The first several miles went by soooo quickly - I need to run early in the dark more often. Somewhere between dreamland and reality, it all felt a little bit easier.

Adriana and I became fast friends - exchanging personal stories and sharing advice. On a long run, I have found that the mix of physical and emotional exertion results in opening up to another person. Adriana is a newbie Legger who has two marathons and 1 half under her belt (the Chips and Salsa Half-Marathon in Albuquerque - with - you guessed it - chips and salsa at the end).

We ended up running about 12.2 miles. Great run. Planning for 16-18 miles this Saturday for my longest run before NY in 3 weeks.

Happy running!

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