Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spectating at L.A. Rock 'n' Roll Half-Marathon

Since my calf had "popped", I decided to take about 10 days off from running. The New York City Marathon was just two weeks away. After consulting with my massage therapist, I was convinced that I hadn't torn anything. I would go to her as well as my PT, and plan for New York.

So on Sunday, October 30, I went off to another day of spectating - this time in Downtown L.A. I took the subway and settled around mile 8/mile 12 in a central downtown location. My friend and fellow Legger Liz had met up with her group at the start, and she joined me soon as well. It turned out to be quite a warm day. We were fully equipped with pretzels, cowbells, and oranges. There was a very big Legger turnout. Oh yeah, since it was the day before Halloween, there were a lot of costumes - I also think any costumed runner received a free beer at the end (party with Brett Michaels!). I spotted at least four Waldos in the crowd, and about that many Elvi. Adam and Eve were also in attendance with strategically placed fig leaves.

Overall I heard people liked this event, although the route was not the preferred old City of Angels Half. RnR gives you big medals and usually promises good headliners. All in all, we had fun, hope they did too!

Liz giving out oranges to a grateful Legger.

Here I am in a picture taken by Legger Jennifer Fah

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