Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New LA Marathon Course - Downtown not Sacrificed

On Monday, the new LA Marathon course was revealed at 6:00am to eager people like me who were counting the days for this to finally happen. I followed the online map provided by the LA Marathon website, and was very happy to see that the course, although starting at Dodger's Stadium, backtracks a bit into Downtown before continuing westward. I very much enjoyed the downtown portion of the LA Marathon and was disappointed that in looked like Downtown would be scrapped all together. So I am glad that it is represented at all. The course continues west, largely along major thoroughfares like Sunset and Wilshire, but there are some interesting twists here and there as well. I'm curious to see how all these major streets will be shut down that day. The course goes through Beverly Hills and right up Wilshire in front of the high-end luxury department stores Saks, Barneys and Neiman Marcus. I'm guessing that all the permits were required, so any disgruntled shopper will just have to suck it up that day.

So the course looks good!

See you in March...Happy running!

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