Saturday, December 26, 2009

Runner's Almanac - 10 Miles and hills!

When I arrived at the LA Leggers starting point today, I only saw my group gathered. Since it is the day after Christmas, the turnout is less than typical. I am a bit peeved because I left all of my chocolate outrage flavored Gu on my desk and am without fuel (besides H2O) for today's run. I hope the 2 waffles I had earlier will be enough to sustain the hills we are scheduled to run.

Our group has a fairly good turnout. We head north along the Ocean through Pacific Palisades and then go east on Temescal Canyon. My last experience up Temescal was difficult. I had to take breaks and work with an "interval mentality" - Walk to that tree, run to the stop light. But today is different. I pump my arms and pace myself and get to the top of the hill less weathered than before. Hooray! I continue the course on Sunset, through Pacific Palisades village and make it back to Santa Monica which includes a couple of more hills for good measure. Best advise for hills is to use your arms like they are another pair of legs. And also repeat a helpful mantra like "I love hills!" or "Hills, eat my dust!". Something to that effect.

Larissa also brought her dog Maco who, despite 10 miles, didn't break a sweat.

As far as the shoe situation, my feet started hurting toward the end. Too early for foot pain with new shoes. Back to the store they will have to go...

Happy running!


  1. Way to go on the big hill! I'm hoping to get out there next week.

  2. Did you make it? By the way, I just registered for the Firecracker run on February 28 - Leggers get a 5$ discount. Now THAT course is one big hill!