Sunday, April 18, 2010

14 mile run in the sun

My initial plan was to run 14 miles this week. I was supposed to go Saturday, but sleeping in on Saturdays is SO much more easier than waking up (but much less
satisfying in the long run!). It may also have had something to do with going to Cowboy Palace the night before. I have yet to see a marathoner with a cowboy hat on, but if you have any pictures, please send them to me!

So I got up for a 14 mile run on Sunday...fully equipped with my brand new Nathan 4-fuel belt I bought from Top to Top. Since we don't have our official Leggers water station support during the off season, I knew I needed this extra gear. It was between this, or buying one of the bottles that you strap on your hand. I know people like those - but I have big hips, so why not use them?

I'm also a sucker for spending money I don't have at places like Top to Top, or Phidippides, or Frontrunners, or anywhere else. So I packed my new fuel belt with another NEW thing - GU Electrolyte Brew - in addition to a salt tab I bought at the LA Marathon expo. I also had my regular GU gels, and a Bonk Breaker peanut butter and jelly bar, because I love them so much.

Sundays are busy days at the beach. Amongst the regulars, the crowd was peppered generously with people totting a Meals on Wheels t-shirt - so I'm guessing they were having something kind of event. I spotted a few runners here and there, but not nearly as many as I'm used to seeing during training season on a Saturday morning. In fact, the run up Speedway to the Marina was very bare - And it was just at that time, walking along the Marina, that the culminating effects of GU Brew and salt tablets created havoc on my stomach. I haven't had much luck with these powdered energy drinks - Maybe I should dissolve them with more water? Next time, I'm going to eschew the urge to try my free Cytomax sample (Cytomax will be featured drink at San Diego Rock N' Roll Marathon), and just go with some watered down Powerade.

I was happy with my pace - But unhappy that I was running alone. Times like these that remind as long as your are healthy physically, running is truly a mental sport. And the only person you really have to enjoy running with is yourself. So don't be crabby,

Run happy!

Next up I'm planning 16 miles this Saturday.

Happy running!

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