Sunday, August 16, 2009

Runner's Almanac - Day 1

So, this is my new blog venture to chronicle my running - runs, training, races, and all other elements of the simple yet simply gratifying sport. I started running a handful of years ago, an attempt that began with the run/walk method until my endurance for both feet off of the ground at quick intervals became less and less difficult. Although I started running then, it wasn't until the fall of 2007 that I consider first becoming a "runner" while training for my first 5K. Now nearly two years later, there has been times when my running has been sporadic or even non-existent. But when I ask myself the question of what hobby I enjoy, running is my favorite answer. I ran my first marathon on May 25 of this year. My aunt considers this something of a fortuitous coincidence. The Los Angeles Marathon normally takes place in March, but this one year the event was held on a holiday monday in May - which turned out (naturally) to be Memorial day. Every 7 years or so, my birthday falls on Memorial day, and so was the case this year with my 30th. Runners groups were unhappy with the date change. It affected their strictly planned training routines and the summer day was predicted to be a scorcher. But it wasn't. The day was overcast and a runner's dream. So it was somewhat of an omen to keep up with my favorite hobby, eventhough the days after the marathon left me so sore I moved but only with a lot of grimacing. Post-marathon on my birthday, I spent most of the day on my couch. But it was worth it.

I find running to have a great meditative aspect. It's a singular activity, just like writing. As a non-elite runner (or maybe even for them), your only real competitor is yourself. It's you and the road beneath your feet. It's simple, but not easy. And infinitely rewarding if your head is in the right place.

I'm not planning on running today since I did my "long run" yesterday. It wasn't actually that long - only 5 miles - but it is part of the marathon training program that I recently started. Each week, we will add another mile, until that long run lives up to its promise. As for today, no runs are scheduled for me, but I am on my way to some spinning as a form of cross training.

I used to love running on Sunday mornings. For anyone out there running today - you're lucky! Happy running.


  1. Hey Naz! It's Sara from USC.
    I started running again this summer (after about 15 years away from a decade-long career of cross country competetions). I absolutely love it, and my body remembers running. I shoot video while I run most mornings and my favorite spot it the Cornfield these days. :)

  2. Hi Sara! That sounds amazing - where is the cornfield that you run in? From what I remember, you live not too far from Dodger's stadium - there must be a lot of hills over there. What's the running like?