Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Runner's Almanac - Day 10

Today I did some cross training at The Absolute Yoga Studio in Woodland Hills. This was my first class at the small yoga/pilates studio. Newcomers pay $20 for any mat-based classes their first week. The studio is warm and intimate and and the staff is also friendly. I appreciate this quality when at a new exercise facility since the experience has the potential of eliciting jittery nerves or yoga intimidation. You know, when everyone else seems to know what to do and where to go and what to do with their foot and what that block is used for. Even the lady at the front desk knew many of the clients' names by memory.

I enjoyed the mat pilates class and the instructor Monika. Newbies may find the class just a tad short on in-depth technical aspects of pilates such as appropriate breathing and body gait, but our class had a couple of recent pilates practitioners (my mother and aunt, respectively), and they seemed to be doing just fine.

Pilates helps strenghten the core, a good tool for the long distance runner.

Happy pilates!

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