Thursday, August 27, 2009

Runner's Almanac - Day 12

Rest day - no running. Did plenty of icing and caught up on the new season of Project Runway. Also found out that the Los Angeles Marathon is looking more commercial and less runner-focused with each new update. For some reason, they have decided to drop the bicycle portion. There is also no longer an early bird registration fee discount. I'm not so thrilled with the new course since it goes through areas of town that, frankly, I see enough as it is. Also, since when is West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica part of the city of Los Angeles? I liked last year's course and hope that in the future it will return to Downtown. The Pasadena Marathon is looking more attractive ( as long as it doesn't rain again this year). Also, the folks of the Firecracker Run have posted their date for next year, and this way cool logo for the year of the Tiger. I did the 5K run at Firecracker in 2007, and boy, is this course hilly. But you can't beat the ambiance in Chinatown.

Happy running!

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