Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Runner's Almanac - Day 11

I ran about 2.5 miles this morning outside before heading off to work. I usually eat something before running, but today I decided to run on an empty stomach. The mileage wasn't too high, and I thought I could burn off whatever I ate the night before. I had done this one another time and was happy with the result. This morning, though, I started getting stomach cramps about halfway through. My shin soreness was also compounded by a slight pain in the knee and ankle. Around the point I usually make my less than one mile climb back to the end of my route, I stopped and stretched. This helped. But I will take it easy, ice and elevate my legs, until the long run on Saturday. I don't mind taking some time off now so that I can run more in the long run. Besides, I'm starting to feel that biting tenderness in my upper abs - even my lower rib cage - from pilates yesterday. Wow!

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