Saturday, September 12, 2009

Runner's Almanac - Day 28

I was at Phidippides running store in Encino today to restock on the Bonk Breaker peanut butter and jelly energy bars I have been raving about. Saturdays seem to be theit busiest days at the store - There is always a highly concentrated area of customers trying on shoes, or waiting to try on shoes. I ran into one of the ladies from the Moving Comfort bra clinic from several weeks back today. She had told me about track runs tuesday nights at Birmingham high school that I have been eager to try. Just recently she tripped and fell at a track practice, hurting herself to the point of needing to go to the hospital ( I think she said she had a concussion, but don't remember the specifics). The moral of the story is, no matter what surface, runners, on occasion, fall. So whether it's around in a circle on the track, between tree branch stumps and rocks on the trail, or even along the sand on the beach, watch out! It happens all the time. And for the possibility of cuts and scrapes, carry a few bandaides with you. It is also handy in the event of a painful blister on a long run.

So at Phidippides, I purchased my box of Bonk Breakers (12 in a box plus discount) and learned about a new charity race in Pasadena called Race for the Rescues, benefitting seven non-profit animal animal organizations. The hillarious Jane Lynch from the new tv show "Glee" and the popular film "Best in Show" will be one of the hosts. 5K run/walk at the Pasadena Rose Bowl on October 4.

Check it out!

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