Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Runner's Almanac - Day 39, Charity groups

It is the season that two of the big charity running groups are starting their training in the next week or so. I have received mailers for both Team in Training and the National Aids Marathon training program. Team in Training raises funds for research against leukemia and lymphoma. Both groups offer mentor support and participants are usually required to raise a minimum of money toward the cause. I think $1500 is the minimum required for Team in Training. Team in Training has a variety of races and triathlons they take part in, and the Aids marathon program focuses on training for the Los Angeles Marathon. When I ran LA in May, there was a friendly group of the Aids program runners in my pace group. I don't remember noticing any Team in Training runners there, but I do remember the largest running group - Students Run LA. Anyone who was there remembers the ocean of bright green t-shirts that spotted the entire race. To learn about this group, there is a documentary about them that plays occasionally on public television.

Of note, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation also has a training program which started in August for the inaugural Rock n Roll Las Vegas Marathon.

Since October is national breast cancer awareness month, I'd be interested of any charity running training programs, local or national, linked to this cause. You would think there would be. Anyone familiar with a group I don't know about?

Happy running!

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