Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Runner's Almanac - Day 31

At the cusp of autumn, the weather is just too perfect not to go for a run. How lucky are we? I did some steep hills around UCLA. If the inclines on some of these were any steeper, and if you were watching me from a helicopter, I may have looked like I was just walking really fast. Hill training is a special process. I actually love to run hills. It's a rewarding challenge that not only strengthens us mentally, but improves our speed and endurance. I ran about 4 miles, completing the last mile or so at about my 10K pace, since I had to run to a meditation class. Turns out, running and meditation goes hand in hand. Or hand on foot. Whatever works.

By the way, Friday, September 18 is the National Road Runners Club's Run at Work Day. The website recommends 35 minutes of running or walking before, during, or after work. So run to it!

Happy running!

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