Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Runner's Almanac - Day 66, 4.3 miles

I wake up and get out to run this morning before 6:30am. It is still dark outside, as in "is it nighttime or daytime?" dark. Within a minute after leaving my front door, I see a relatively large group of runners coming up the street. No one is wearing any reflective gear or lights. But I see them and I like it. It's nice to have other runners out this early. I set off and place my headlamp on. Now they have to see me - whether they happen to like it or not.

It's a different feeling running from dark to dawn than dusk to dark. At night, I slow down my pace and am piercingly tuned in to what is under my feet, so I don't trip over a rock, go hurdling onto the packed dirt, and reconsider this whole running thing. This fear still exists in me at 6:00am but to a lesser extent, and it doesn't effect my pace. I know that with every step the sky will get brighter and a day filled with possibility awaits. I am also partially asleep, so that helps too.

I complete my 4.3 miles and soon get ready to head out to work. I feel great, and full of energy...that is until around 2pm when the fatigue sets it and all I want to do is take a nap.

At least I got my run in!

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