Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Runner's Almanac - Running in the wind

It was windy. I knew it was windy - I could hear it and see it for myself. But despite the caution flag in the back of my mind, I decide to go running anyway. I needed to get in some miles, and I was in the mood. Caution flag be damned.

I make it through my first 2 miles, and although it is barely 6:30pm, it is already dark outside. I decide to veer onto a better lit street for the remainder of the run. It is still windy, and I tell myself that I will keep running until the wind moves me otherwise...As in physically moves me otherwise. And it does eventually. So much so, that I turn around just shy of reaching the beach. I end up getting about 6 miles in. By the time I get home, I see that dirt sprinkles have covered my face and gotten into my eyes, despite the protection of glasses. And there is nothing like some crunchy dirt in your mouth. The whole time out, though, I thought of the wind as another obstacle, like a hill. It helped. But I'll defnitely pay more attention to that caution flag the next time the winds are 30+ mph.

Happy running!

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