Sunday, October 25, 2009

Runner's Almanac - LA Cancer Challenge

Today I wasn't a runner, but a promoter, at the LA Cancer Challenge 5k/10k on the property of the West Los Angeles Veteran's Administration. I am supporting Northridge Hospital's Center for Assault and Treatment Services (CATS) 5k/8k Victory for Victims run in April 2010. So I had a bag full of postcards and placed them on the race participants cars in the lot - Unfortunately, I was stopped rather short by a an employee of the VA who told me I would get arrested if I continued - Supposedly, placing advertising on cars on federal property is a no-no. Of course, when I returned to the lot after handing out postcards to people at the actual race, I saw my own car with a postcard from next month's WeSpark! 5k/10k, and UCLA had some sort of tri flyer on other cars. I decided not to eschew a potential federal crime, so I didn't continue. There is also something invasive about getting so close to someone else's car like that. But I know that when I had left my car parked at the Victory for Victims race last April, it was covered with advertising. I actually like getting race advertising though.

The CATS race isn't until next April, so I have plenty of time to spread the info in other places.

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